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“… yeah i mean one could just say punt and …”

meanings of punt


  1. An indentation in the base of a wine bottle.
  2. A point in the game of faro.
  3. A highly speculative investment or other commitment.
  4. A wild guess.
  5. A pontoon; a narrow shallow boat propelled by a pole.
  6. Gambling, as a pastime, especially betting on horseraces or the dogs.
  7. A thin glass rod which is temporarily attached to a larger piece in order to better manipulate the larger piece.
  8. The act of playing at basset, baccara, faro, etc.
  9. A kick made by a player who drops the ball and kicks it before it hits the ground.
  10. The Irish pound, used as the unit of currency of Ireland until it was replaced by the euro in 2002.
  11. A bet or wager.


  1. To make a highly speculative investment or other commitment, or take a wild guess.
  2. To play at basset, baccara, faro, etc.
  3. To dropkick; to kick something a considerable distance.
  4. To make the best choice from a set of non-ideal alternatives.
  5. To retreat from one's objective; to abandon an effort one still notionally supports.
  6. To kick a bouncing ball far and high.
  7. To stake against the bank, to back a horse, to gamble or take a chance more generally.
  8. To kick a ball dropped from the hands before it hits the ground. (This puts the ball farther from the goal across which the opposing team is attempting to score, so improves the chances of the team punting.).
  9. To equivocate and delay or put off (answering a question, addressing an issue, etc).
  10. To propel a punt or similar craft by means of a pole.


  1. A country in Afar Triangle, Horn of Africa, Africa, in what is now Ethiopia. A country contemporaneous with the Old Kingdom of Egypt, where frankincense, gold, ebony, ivory is found.

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