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“… kind of a universal pride and say the …”

meanings of pride


  1. Highest pitch; elevation reached; loftiness; prime; glory,.
  2. A company of lions or other large felines.
  3. Consciousness of power; fullness of animal spirits; mettle; wantonness.
  4. The quality or state of being proud; an unreasonable overestimation of one's own superiority in terms of talents, looks, wealth, importance etc., which manifests itself in lofty airs, distance, reserve and often contempt of others.
  5. Proud or disdainful behavior or treatment; insolence or arrogance of demeanor; haughty bearing and conduct; insolent exultation; disdain; hubris.
  6. A sense of one's own worth, and abhorrence of what is beneath or unworthy of one; lofty self-respect; noble self-esteem; elevation of character; dignified bearing; proud delight; -- in a good sense.
  7. Lust; sexual desire; especially, excitement of sexual appetite in a female beast.
  8. That of which one is proud; that which excites boasting or self-congratulation; the occasion or ground of self-esteem, or of arrogant and presumptuous confidence, as beauty, ornament, noble character, children, etc.
  9. Alternative letter-case form of Pride (“festival for LGBT people").
  10. The small European lamprey species Petromyzon branchialis.
  11. Show; ostentation; glory.


  1. A festival primarily for LGBT people, usually organized annually within a city.
  2. Peoples.
  3. A movement encouraging no shame and positive approach to personal identity amongst LGBTQI.


  1. To take or experience pride in something; to be proud of it.

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