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meanings of office


  1. (figuratively, in large organizations) The administrative departments housed in such places.
  2. Various prayers used with modification as a morning or evening service.
  3. An official or group of officials; a personification of officeholders.
  4. Mass, (particularly) the introit sung at its beginning.
  5. The staff of such places.
  6. A room, set of rooms, or building used for administration and bookkeeping.
  7. A collection of business software typically including a word processor and spreadsheet and slideshow programs.
  8. A room, set of rooms, or building used for consultation and diagnosis, but not surgery or other major procedures.
  9. A piece of land used for hunting; the area of land overseen by a gamekeeper.
  10. (religion) A ceremonial duty or service.
  11. The performance of a duty; an instance of performing a duty.
  12. The authorized form of ceremonial worship of a church.
  13. A daily service without the eucharist.
  14. A position of responsibility.
  15. The parts of a house or estate devoted to manual work and storage, as the kitchen, scullery, laundry, stables, etc., particularly a house or estate's facilities for urination and defecation: outhouses or lavatories.
  16. Function: anything typically done by or expected of something.
  17. A particular place of business of a larger white-collar business.
  18. Last rites.
  19. The daily service of the breviary, the liturgy for each canonical hour, including psalms, collects, and lessons.
  20. A duty, particularly owing to one's position or station; a charge, trust, or role; moral duty.
  21. Any special liturgy, as the Office for the Dead or of the Virgin.
  22. A room, set of rooms, or building used for selling services or tickets to the public.
  23. A room, set of rooms, or building used for non-manual work.
  24. A bodily function, (particularly) urination and defecation; an act of urination or defecation.
  25. A ministry or other department of government.
  26. Inside information.
  27. Official position, particularly high employment within government; tenure in such a position.
  28. A plane's cockpit, particularly an observer's cockpit.
  29. Clipping of inquest of office: an inquest undertaken on occasions when the Crown claimed the right of possession to land or property.
  30. Short for Holy Office: the court of final appeal in cases of heresy.
  31. A hangout: a place where one is normally found.
  32. A service, a kindness.


  1. To provide (someone) with an office.
  2. To have an office.

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