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meanings of mew


  1. A building or set of buildings where moulting birds are kept.
  2. A cage for hawks, especially while moulting.
  3. The crying sound of a cat; a meow, especially of a kitten.
  4. A breeding-cage for birds.
  5. A hiding place; a secret store or den.
  6. An exclamation of disapproval; a boo.
  7. A prison, or other place of confinement.
  8. A gull, seagull.
  9. The crying sound of a gull.


  1. To cause to moult.
  2. To shut away, confine, lock up.
  3. To shed antlers.
  4. To moult.
  5. To meow.
  6. To flatten the tongue against the roof of the mouth for supposed health benefits.


  1. An exclamation of disapproval; boo.
  2. A cat's (especially a kitten's) cry.
  3. A gull's cry.


  1. A surname​.

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