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“… whose brother was the king of Greece two …”

meanings of king


  1. A component of certain games.
  2. A checker (a piece of checkers/draughts) that reached the farthest row forward, thus becoming crowned (either by turning it upside-down, or by stacking another checker on it) and gaining more freedom of movement.
  3. A powerful or majorly influential person.
  4. The principal chess piece, that players seek to threaten with unavoidable capture to result in a victory by checkmate. It is often the tallest piece, with a symbolic crown with a cross at the top.
  5. Alternative form of qing (Chinese musical instrument).
  6. A king-sized bed.
  7. Something that has a preeminent position.
  8. A king skin.
  9. A male dragonfly; a drake.
  10. A male monarch; a man who heads a monarchy. If it's an absolute monarchy, then he is the supreme ruler of his nation.
  11. A playing card with the letter "K" and the image of a king on it, the thirteenth card in a given suit.


  1. To assume or pretend preeminence (over); to lord it over.
  2. To promote a piece of draughts/checkers that has traversed the board to the opposite side, that piece subsequently being permitted to move backwards as well as forwards.
  3. To dress and perform as a drag king.
  4. To crown king, to make (a person) king.
  5. To rule over as king.
  6. To perform the duties of a king.


  1. King class, a class of steam locomotives used on the GWR.
  2. The title of a king.
  3. An English and Scottish surname, originally a nickname for someone who either acted as if he were a king or had worked in the king's household.

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