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“… would say at least in k-12 is we just …”

meanings of k


  1. Abbreviation of knit.
  2. Abbreviation of strikeout.
  3. Short for OK.
  4. Abbreviation of contract.
  5. Thousand or thousands.
  6. Abbreviation of Knighthood.
  7. Abbreviation of kindergarten.
  8. Abbreviation of king.
  9. Kilometre or kilometres.
  10. Abbreviation of carrying capacity.
  11. Abbreviation of ketamine (a drug).
  12. A kilobit (more formally kb), especially in measuring Internet connection.
  13. Abbreviation of black.
  14. Abbreviation of Köchel number.
  15. Abbreviation of go ahead, over, an indication that a message is complete and a reply is awaited.
  16. A kilobyte (more formally KB or kB).
  17. Abbreviation of capital.
  18. The SI measurement value of 1,000.
  19. A single character message used as an acknowledgement, meaning "previous message received and understood.".
  20. Abbreviation of kilo-, 1,024.


  1. The first letter of callsigns allocated to American broadcast television and radio stations west of the Mississippi river.
  2. The eleventh letter of the English alphabet, called kay and written in the Latin script.


  1. The ordinal number eleventh, derived from this letter of the English alphabet, called kay and written in the Latin script.


  1. OK.

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