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“… or the inverse story of laziness causing …”

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  1. The negative of a given number.
  2. The non-truth-preserving proposition constructed by negating both the premise and conclusion of an initially given proposition.
  3. A morphism which is both a left inverse and a right inverse.
  4. The winning of the coup in a game of rouge et noir by a card of a color different from that first dealt; the area of the table reserved for bets upon such an outcome.
  5. One divided by a given number.
  6. The result of a circle inversion; the set of all such points; the curve described by such a set.
  7. A second function which, when combined with the initially given function, yields as its output any term inputted into the first function.
  8. The reverse of any procedure or process.
  9. The result of an inversion.
  10. A grammatical number marking that indicates the opposite grammatical number (or numbers) of the default number specification of noun class.
  11. (mathematics) A second element which negates a first; in a binary operation, the element for which the binary operation—when applied to both it and an initially given element—yields the operation's identity element, specifically:.
  12. An inverted state: a state in which something has been turned (properly) upside down or inside out or backwards.
  13. A ratio etc. in which the antecedents and consequents are switched.


  1. Reverse, opposite in order.
  2. Having the properties of an inverse; said with reference to any two operations, which, when both are performed in succession upon any quantity, reproduce that quantity.
  3. That has the property of being an inverse (the result of a circle inversion of a given point or geometrical figure); that is constructed by circle inversion.
  4. Whose every element has an inverse (morphism which is both a left inverse and a right inverse).
  5. Inverted; having a position or mode of attachment the reverse of that which is usual.
  6. Opposite in effect, nature or order.


  1. To compute the bearing and distance between two points.

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