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meanings of god


  1. A deity or supreme being; a supernatural, typically immortal, being with superior powers, to which personhood is attributed.
  2. A powerful ruler or tyrant.
  3. An exceedingly handsome man.
  4. A representation of a deity, especially a statue or statuette.
  5. The person who owns and runs a multi-user dungeon.
  6. An idol.
  7. Something or someone particularly revered, worshipped, idealized, admired and/or followed.
  8. A being such as a monotheistic God: a single divine creator and ruler of the universe.
  9. A person in a high position of authority, importance or influence.
  10. Alternative letter-case form of God.


  1. God the Father, the fountainhead and coeternal hypostasis of the Trinity described in the Old Testament, and in the New Testament as the father of Jesus.
  2. The single deity of various monotheistic religions, especially the deity of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Dawn believes in God, but Willow believes in multiple gods and goddesses.
  3. The single male deity of various bitheistic or duotheistic religions.
  4. Alternative form of God.
  5. God the Son, the begotten and coeternal hypostasis of the Trinity, incarnated as Jesus Christ, of one essence with the Father and Holy Spirit.


  1. To idolize.
  2. To deify.


  1. Short for oh God: expressing annoyance or frustration.

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