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“… tail is still a dog give them a shaver a …”

meanings of give


  1. To exhibit as a product or result; to produce; to yield.
  2. To pledge.
  3. To make a present or gift of.
  4. To have a misgiving.
  5. To provide, as, a service or a broadcast.
  6. To cause; to make; used with the infinitive.
  7. To grant power or permission to; to allow.
  8. To estimate or predict (a duration or probability) for (something).
  9. To pass (something) into (someone's hand, etc.).
  10. (ditransitive) To move, shift, provide something abstract or concrete to someone or something or somewhere.
  11. To communicate or announce (advice, tidings, etc.); to pronounce or utter (an opinion, a judgment, a shout, etc.).
  12. To devote or apply (oneself).
  13. To shed tears; to weep.
  14. To provide (something) to (someone), to allow or afford.
  15. To cause (a sensation or feeling) to exist in.
  16. To attribute; to assign; to adjudge.
  17. To cause (a disease or condition) in, or to transmit (a disease or condition) to.
  18. To cause (someone) to have; produce in (someone); effectuate.
  19. To lead (onto or into).
  20. To allow or admit by way of supposition; to concede.
  21. To provide a view of.
  22. To carry out (a physical interaction) with (something).
  23. To become soft or moist.
  24. To transfer one's possession or holding of (something) to (someone).
  25. To collapse under pressure or force.
  26. To be going on, to be occurring.
  27. To yield slightly when a force is applied.


  1. The amount of bending that something undergoes when a force is applied to it; a tendency to yield under pressure; resilence.
  2. Alternative form of gyve.

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