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“… now a demon rescue there's no there's no …”

meanings of demon


  1. An evil supernatural spirit.
  2. A person's fears or anxieties.
  3. An hypothetical entity with special abilities postulated for the sake of a thought experiment in philosophy or physics.
  4. A source of great evil or wickedness; a destructive feeling or character flaw.
  5. A neutral supernatural spirit.
  6. Any of various hesperiid butterflies of the genera Notocrypta and Udaspes.
  7. A false god or idol; a Satanic divinity.
  8. A person's inner spirit or genius; a guiding or creative impulse.
  9. A tutelary deity or spirit intermediate between the major Olympian gods and mankind, especially a deified hero or the entity which supposedly guided Socrates, telling him what not to do.
  10. A form of patience (known as Canfield in the US).
  11. A very wicked or malevolent person; also (in weakened sense) a mischievous person, especially a child.
  12. Someone with great strength, passion or skill for a particular activity, pursuit etc.; an enthusiast.
  13. A spirit not considered to be inherently evil; a (non-Christian) deity or supernatural being.
  14. An evil spirit resident in or working for Hell; a devil.


  1. A male given name from Ancient Greek.

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