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“… we call it meteor crater okay all the …”

meanings of crater


  1. Any large, roughly circular depression or hole.
  2. Alternative form of creature.
  3. A hemispherical pit created by the impact of a meteorite or other object.
  4. Alternative spelling of krater (“vessel for mixing water and wine").
  5. The basin-like opening or mouth of a volcano, through which the chief eruption comes; similarly, the mouth of a geyser, about which a cone of silica is often built up.
  6. The pit left by the explosion of a mine or bomb.


  1. To crash or fall.
  2. To form craters in a surface.
  3. To collapse catastrophically; to become devastated or completely destroyed.


  1. A dim spring constellation of the northern sky, said to resemble a cup. It lies between the constellations Virgo and Hydra.