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  1. An oval-shaped astrogeological feature, present on both the planet Venus and Uranus's moon Miranda, probably formed by upwellings of warm material below the surface.
  2. A mineral zone, consisting of one or more minerals, which surrounds another mineral or lies at the interface of two minerals, typically in a radial arrangement; a reaction rim.
  3. (astronomy).
  4. A circle or set of circles visible around a bright celestial object, especially the Sun or the Moon, attributable to an optical phenomenon produced by the diffraction of its light by small water droplets or tiny ice crystals.
  5. A pale lager beer produced by Mexican brewery Cervecería Modelo, commonly served with a wedge of lime or lemon in the neck of the bottle.
  6. The circumference of the base of the glans penis in human males.
  7. (biology) Any appendage of an organism that resembles a crown or corona (sense 4.1).
  8. Any luminous or crownlike ring around an object or person.
  9. A fringe of large, bulbous surface projections on coronaviruses, formed by viral spike peplomers, creating an appearance reminiscent of the solar corona.
  10. A large, round, pendent chandelier, with spikes around its upper rim to hold candles or lamps, usually hung from the roof of a church.
  11. The external portion of the tooth, covered by enamel; the crown.
  12. A long, straight-sided cigar with a blunt, rounded end.
  13. A region of the skull located along the coronal suture, at the junction between the frontal bone and the two parietal bones.
  14. A luminous appearance caused by corona discharge, often seen as a bluish glow in the air adjacent to pointed metal conductors carrying high voltages.
  15. A coronavirus, especially SARS-CoV-2.
  16. (anatomy) An upper or crownlike portion of certain parts of the body.
  17. The luminous plasma atmosphere of the Sun (the solar corona) or other star, extending millions of kilometres into space, most easily seen during a total solar eclipse.
  18. A crown or garland bestowed among the Romans as a reward for distinguished services.
  19. The large, flat, projecting member of a cornice which crowns the entablature, situated above the bed moulding and below the cymatium.
  20. A ring or set of appendages of adaxial tissue arising from the corolla or the outer edge of the stamens, present in some plants (Narcissus, Passiflora, etc.); a paraperigonium.
  21. A series of sonnets linked together such that the last word of each is the first word of the next.
  22. A disease caused by a coronavirus, especially COVID-19.
  23. A manifestation of secondary syphilis, consisting of papular lesions along the hairline, often bordering the scalp in the manner of a crown.


  1. A male given name.
  2. A village in New Mexico, United States.
  3. A female given name.
  4. A town in South Dakota, United States.
  5. A city in Riverside County, California, United States.
  6. A surname of Spanish origin.


  1. To surround with a luminous or crownlike ring like the solar corona.

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