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meanings of chink


  1. Alternative letter-case form of Chink.
  2. A slight sound as of metal objects touching each other; a clink.
  3. Ready money, especially in the form of coins.
  4. Alternative form of kink (“gasp for breath").
  5. A narrow opening such as a fissure or crack.
  6. A chip or dent in something metallic.
  7. A vulnerability or flaw in a protection system or in any otherwise formidable system.
  8. A person of perceived Chinese ethnicity.


  1. To cause to make a sharp metallic sound, as coins, small pieces of metal, etc., by bringing them into collision with each other.
  2. To crack; to open.
  3. To cause to open in cracks or fissures.
  4. To fill an opening such as the space between logs in a log house with chinking; to caulk.
  5. Alternative form of kink (“gasp for breath").
  6. To make a slight sound like that of metal objects touching.


  1. Chinese, or perceived to be Chinese.

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