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“… it's a chimera to think about the …”

meanings of chimera


  1. A foolish, incongruous, or vain thought or product of the imagination.
  2. An organism with genetically distinct cells originating from two or more zygotes.
  3. A grotesque like a gargoyle, but without a spout for rainwater.
  4. Any fantastic creature with parts from different animals.
  5. Anything composed of very disparate parts.
  6. Usually chimaera: a cartilaginous marine fish in the subclass Holocephali and especially the order Chimaeriformes, with a blunt snout, long tail, and a spine before the first dorsal fin.
  7. Alternative letter-case form of Chimera (a flame-spewing monster often represented as having two heads, one of a goat and the other of a lion; the body of a goat; and a serpent as a tail).


  1. One of the many fantastical offspring of Typhon and Echidna, a multi-headed monster represented as vomiting flames. It had the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and a dragon for a tail. Killed by the hero Bellerophon in Lycea.

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