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“… get but it can be a chicken-and-egg in …”

meanings of chicken


  1. The game of dare.
  2. The young of any bird; a chick.
  3. A confrontational game in which the participants move toward each other at high speed (usually in automobiles); the player who turns first to avoid colliding into the other is the chicken (that is, the loser).
  4. A coward.
  5. A simple dance in which the movements of a chicken are imitated.
  6. A young, attractive, slim man, usually having little body hair; compare chickenhawk.
  7. Plural of chick.
  8. A young or inexperienced person.
  9. The meat from this bird eaten as food.
  10. A domestic fowl, Gallus gallus, especially when young.


  1. Cowardly.


  1. To avoid a situation one is afraid of.


  1. A census-designated place in Alaska.