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A catheter is a tube inserted into the urethra to drain urine from the bladder.

words with similar pronunciation

The similarity is measured in the number of changed sounds (added, deleted, or replaced) between two transcriptions.

carrot/kˈæɹət/, 2 changes.
carrots/kˈæɹəts/, 2 changes.
cantor/kˈæntɚ/, 2 changes.
canister/kˈænəstɚ/, 2 changes.
canter/kˈæntɚ/, 2 changes.
quieter/kwˈaɪətɚ/, 2 changes.
caliber/kˈæləbɚ/, 2 changes.
janitor/dʒˈænətɚ/, 2 changes.
caliper/kˈæləpɚ/, 2 changes.
caster/kˈæstɚ/, 2 changes.

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