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“… why doesn't the u.s by and large use the …”

meanings of by


  1. Following a passive verb.
  2. Near or next to.
  3. Indicates a means of classification or organisation.
  4. Indicates the creator of a work: Existing through the authorship etc. of.
  5. At, with, among.
  6. In the formulae X by X and by Xs, indicates a steady progression, one X after another.
  7. Indicates a referenced source: According to.
  8. Indicates the amount of change, difference or discrepancy.
  9. Not later than (the given time); not later than the end of (the given time interval).
  10. Per; with or in proportion to each.
  11. Indicates a means of achieving something: Involving/using the means of.
  12. Following an adjective.
  13. Indicates an authority according to which something is done.
  14. Invokes an authority in an oath.
  15. Acted on in units of the specified size or measure. (Sometimes hyperbolically).
  16. Indicates the person or thing that does or causes something: Through the action or presence of.
  17. Used to separate dimensions when describing the size of something.
  18. Following a noun.
  19. Designates a horse's male parent (sire); cf. out of.
  20. From one side of something to the other, passing close by; past.


  1. In the vicinity, near.
  2. To or at a place, as a residence or place of business.
  3. Aside, away.
  4. Along a path which runs past the speaker.


  1. Out of the way, subsidiary.


  1. Alternative form of bye.


  1. Alternative spelling of bye.

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