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“… would you cook a bug i would cook a bug …”

meanings of bug


  1. A manually positioned marker in flight instruments.
  2. A small, usually transparent or translucent image placed in a corner of a television program to indicate what network or cable channel is televising it.
  3. A concealed electronic eavesdropping or intercept device.
  4. A small and usually invisible file (traditionally a single-pixel image) on a World Wide Web page, primarily used to track users.
  5. Synonym of union bug.
  6. Any insect, arachnid, myriapod or entognath.
  7. A problem that needs fixing.
  8. Any insect, arachnid, or other terrestrial arthropod that is a pest.
  9. An insect of the order Hemiptera (the “true bugs").
  10. Hobgoblin, scarecrow; anything that terrifies.
  11. Synonym of oil bug.
  12. A Volkswagen Beetle car.
  13. A Bugatti car.
  14. An enthusiasm for something; an obsession.
  15. A contagious illness; a bacterium or virus causing it.
  16. A limited form of wild card in some variants of poker.
  17. A bedbug.
  18. HIV.
  19. A keen enthusiast or hobbyist.
  20. A trilobite.
  21. Any of various species of marine or freshwater crustaceans; e.g. a Moreton Bay bug, mudbug.
  22. A young apprentice jockey.
  23. A semi-automated telegraph key.


  1. To install an electronic listening device or devices in.
  2. To annoy.


  1. A river flowing northwest 450 miles between Belarus and Poland.
  2. A river in Ukraine, flowing 530 miles to the Dnieper estuary.

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