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“… before they even broach the topic with …”

meanings of broach


  1. Alternative spelling of brooch.
  2. A spit for cooking food.
  3. A series of chisel points mounted on one piece of steel. For example, the toothed stone chisel shown here.
  4. An awl; a bodkin; also, a wooden rod or pin, sharpened at each end, used by thatchers.
  5. A spire rising from a tower.
  6. The stick from which candle wicks are suspended for dipping.
  7. The pin in a lock which enters the barrel of the key.
  8. A broad chisel for stone-cutting.
  9. A spit-like start on the head of a young stag.


  1. To cause to turn sideways to oncoming waves, especially large or breaking waves (usually followed by to; also figurative). Each time we came around into the wind, the sea broached our bow.
  2. To be turned sideways to oncoming waves, especially large or breaking waves.
  3. To make a hole in, especially a cask of liquor, and put in a tap in order to draw the liquid.
  4. To open, to make an opening into; to pierce.
  5. To begin discussion about (something).


  1. A surname​.

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