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  1. To stoop.
  2. To apply oneself to a task or purpose.
  3. To force to submit.
  4. To swing the body when rowing.
  5. To tie, as in securing a line to a cleat; to shackle a chain to an anchor; make fast.
  6. To submit.
  7. To become curved.
  8. To change direction.
  9. To adapt or interpret to for a purpose or beneficiary.
  10. To smoothly change the pitch of a note.
  11. To apply to a task or purpose.
  12. To cause to change direction.
  13. To cause (something) to change its shape into a curve, by physical force, chemical action, or any other means.
  14. To bow in prayer, or in token of submission.
  15. To be inclined; to direct itself.


  1. Any of the various knots which join the ends of two lines.
  2. The thickest and strongest planks in a ship's sides, more generally called wales, which have the beams, knees, and futtocks bolted to them.
  3. A severe condition caused by excessively quick decompression, causing bubbles of nitrogen to form in the blood; decompression sickness.
  4. One of the honourable ordinaries formed by two diagonal lines drawn from the dexter chief to the sinister base; it generally occupies a fifth part of the shield if uncharged, but if charged one third.
  5. Turn; purpose; inclination; ends.
  6. In the leather trade, the best quality of sole leather; a butt; sometimes, half a butt cut lengthwise.
  7. A curve.
  8. Hard, indurated clay; bind.
  9. The frames or ribs that form the ship's body from the keel to the top of the sides.
  10. A glissando, or glide between one pitch and another.