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meanings of balk


  1. The area of the table lying behind the line from which the cue ball is initially shot, and from which a ball in hand must be played.
  2. A motion used to deceive the opponent during a serve.
  3. (sports) A deceptive motion.
  4. The wall of earth at the edge of an excavation.
  5. An illegal motion by the pitcher, intended to deceive a runner.
  6. An uncultivated ridge formed in the open field system, caused by the action of ploughing.
  7. Beam, crossbeam; squared timber; a tie beam of a house, stretching from wall to wall, especially when laid so as to form a loft, "the balks".
  8. A hindrance or disappointment; a check.
  9. An omission.
  10. The rope by which fishing nets are fastened together.
  11. The area of the table lying behind the baulk line.
  12. A sudden and obstinate stop.


  1. To pass over or by.
  2. To engage in contradiction; to be in opposition.
  3. To leave or make balks in.
  4. To omit, miss, or overlook by chance.
  5. To indicate to fishermen, by shouts or signals from shore, the direction taken by the shoals of herring.
  6. To stop, check, block.
  7. To miss intentionally; to avoid.
  8. To refuse suddenly.
  9. To stop short and refuse to go on.
  10. To disappoint; to frustrate.
  11. To leave heaped up; to heap up in piles.


  1. A surname‚Äč.

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