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  1. A flat vertical wall with the image of a tennis net drawn or painted on it. Designed to practice hitting against such that the ball bounces back.
  2. The port or larboard side of a ship.
  3. A spine board.
  4. A board placed at the back of a cart, boat, etc.
  5. The flat vertical surface to which the basket is attached.

words with pronunciation similar to backboard

The similarity is measured in the number of changed sounds (added, deleted, or replaced) between two transcriptions.

blackboard/blˈækbˌɔːɹd/, 1 change.
billboard/bˈɪlbˌɔːɹd/, 2 changes.
baseboard/bˈɛɪsbˌɔːɹd/, 2 changes.
backyard/bˈækjˌɑɹd/, 2 changes.
dashboard/dˈæʃbˌɔːɹd/, 2 changes.
blackberry/blˈækbˌɛɹi/, 3 changes.
backfield/bˈækfˌild/, 3 changes.
clapboard/klˈæpbˌɔːɹd/, 3 changes.
blackball/blˈækbˌɔːl/, 3 changes.
checkerboard/tʃˈɛkɚbˌɔːɹd/, 3 changes.

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