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  1. A mythological shield associated with the Greek deities Zeus and Athena (and their Roman counterparts Jupiter and Minerva) shown as a short cloak made of goatskin worn on the shoulders, more as an emblem of power and protection than a military shield. The aegis of Athena or Minerva is usually shown with a border of snakes and with the head of Medusa in the center.
  2. Usually as under the aegis: guidance, protection; endorsement, sponsorship.

words with pronunciation similar to aegis

The similarity is measured in the number of changed sounds (added, deleted, or replaced) between two transcriptions.

joyous/dʒˈɔɪəs/, 2 changes.
iris/ˈaɪɹəs/, 2 changes.
evil/ˈivəl/, 2 changes.
onus/ˈoʊnəs/, 2 changes.
eden/ˈidən/, 2 changes.
ibis/ˈaɪbəs/, 2 changes.
easel/ˈizəl/, 2 changes.
eagle/ˈiɡəl/, 2 changes.
region/ɹˈidʒən/, 2 changes.
bias/bˈaɪəs/, 2 changes.

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