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  1. The substance thus rubbed off; debris.
  2. The effect of mechanical erosion of rock, especially a river bed, by rock fragments scratching and scraping it.
  3. The act of abrading, wearing, or rubbing off; the wearing away by friction.
  4. An abraded, scraped, or worn area.
  5. A superficial wound caused by scraping; an area of skin where the cells on the surface have been scraped or worn away.
  6. The wearing away of the surface of the tooth by chewing.

words with pronunciation similar to abrasion

The similarity is measured in the number of changed sounds (added, deleted, or replaced) between two transcriptions.

abrasions/əbɹˈɛɪʒənz/, 1 change.
occasion/əkˈɛɪʒən/, 2 changes.
brazen/bɹˈɛɪzən/, 2 changes.
rayon/ɹˈɛɪən/, 3 changes.
abeyance/əbˈɛɪəns/, 3 changes.
straighten/stɹˈɛɪtən/, 3 changes.
duration/dˈʊɹˈɛɪʃən/, 3 changes.
aggression/əɡɹˈɛʃən/, 3 changes.
raven/ɹˈɛɪvən/, 3 changes.
brakeman/bɹˈɛɪkmən/, 3 changes.

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