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  1. Afterburner.
  2. Artificial breeding.
  3. Antiballistic.
  4. An Ancient Egyptian amulet in the shape of a heart (<hiero>ib</hiero>).
  5. Artium baccalaureus.
  6. Abbreviation of abortion.
  7. Abdominal muscle.
  8. At bat.
  9. Antibody.
  10. In Egyptian belief, the heart and will and conscience of a person, especially that of the recently deceased which proceeds to the afterlife and is weighed as evidence during his or her judgement.
  11. Abbreviation of Abbot.
  12. The early stages of; the beginning process; the start.
  13. A person with this blood type.
  14. Airbase.
  15. Airborne.
  16. Aid to the blind.
  17. Able seaman; able-bodied seaman.
  18. An abscess caused by injecting an illegal drug, usually heroin.
  19. A blood type of the ABO system that has both blood antigens and may receive all blood types, and donate to AB.


  1. Av.
  2. A diminutive of the male given name Abner, from Hebrew, occasionally used as a formal given name.
  3. Abbreviation of Alberta, a province of Canada.


  1. To abseil.
  2. Abbreviation of abort.


  1. Abbreviation of about.


  1. Abbreviation of about.

words with pronunciation similar to ab

The similarity is measured in the number of changed sounds (added, deleted, or replaced) between two transcriptions.

tab/tˈæb/, 1 change.
ad/ˈæd/, 1 change.
ash/ˈæʃ/, 1 change.
add/ˈæd/, 1 change.
as/ˈæz/, 1 change.
abbey/ˈæbi/, 1 change.
dab/dˈæb/, 1 change.
cab/kˈæb/, 1 change.
an/ˈæn/, 1 change.
jab/dʒˈæb/, 1 change.

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